Announcing our first alpha release

i18n for developers.

We're building modern i18n for the modern stack. Type-safe, lightweight and dead simple.


Pitbull is a fully-featured i18n solution for the modern stack, built with the developer experience in mind. Onboard translators and manage your translations with ease, all in one place, with a single source of truth.


Ensure your translations are always up-to-date with type-safe translations.

Instant updates

Changes are reflected instantly in the browser without the need to redeploy.


Share your work with others and collaborate in real-time.

Live preview

See your changes in real-time as you type. No more recompiling.

Access control

Fine-grained control over who can translate and review your content.


World-class DX with hot-reloading, first-class tooling and a powerful CLI.

More features are being built as we speak. If you have a feature request, please let us know.

Proudly Open Source

The Pitbull specification is open source and powered by open source software. The code is available on GitHub.